No where in the pre-baby manual about what to expect when expecting, did it say that 3 and 1/2 months would just fly by.  Surely it is still March? 

No it is June

It is Winter

Wow.  I am finding it fascinating how quickly the cooler nights have slipped into the days and how silently the sun started setting earlier and earlier.  Almost without warning. 

Each day as I hang out what feels like the never-ending load of washing I look up and my eyes are met with this

Each day through bleary, tired itchy eyes I would look at the tree.  I soon realised that when the tree had lost all her leaves I would have a 3 month old baby.  That magic age when days finally become individual days, instead of a blur.

It is finally here.  He is now 14 weeks old, the tree has lost her leaves and oh how I can finally begin to enjoy my children again.  Not that I haven’t been,  Its just hard functioning on 3 hours sleep.

Now I am getting smiles and coos.  Max can hold up his head and will sleep for longer than 20 minutes.  And I get time to garden again!  Garlic, Shallots, Broccoli and Chinese cabbage anyone?

Life is good!


One thought on “Hibenating

  1. What a cute little munchkin max is. 🙂 It’s definitely hybernating weather! Although for me, it’s perfect weather to be moving dirt – less heat stress, LOL.

    My garden has taken leave for a few months too. Your’s is doing well! Can you believe we’re still producing pumpkins and sweet potato? I thought the vines would die back, but because they’re planted next to our rock retaining walls, they must be getting extra heat. Gunna be a bummer in summer though, LOL.

    Nice to see you again though and here’s to getting more sleep in the future!! 😉

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