New Roof

Ah yes, I am still here, ‘with child.’ Waiting.  Only a few weeks left now.  And my nesting has hit an all time height.  Literally.  We have a new roof.  For the last 7 years we have lived with a super 66, asbestos nasty.  It was brittle and flaking.   Apparently the worst the roofer has seen for awhile!  

So I’d had enough when yet again more birds began nesting in the roof and no one would remove them for me.  A quick quote and it was all on.  I went with a local company who do asbestos removal and re-roofing.  Lovely lovely people.  The first day they did half the roof, as it looked like rain.  They just finished it before a storm passed over.  But not before falling through brittle fibro 3 times on the half yet to be done.   Thank goodness they weren’t hurt!  In the photo below you can see 2 of the tarps on the roof.

So they tarped over the holes and left us for the night.  Yep I don’t even need to say what happened.  But it poured all night and yep it leaked, directly over hubbys feet in bed.  Luckily the next day the sunshine returned and the remainder of the roof was replaced.  Along with new down pipes and gutters that drain! 

And the finished project, it is bright and silver and very very shiny.  Oh and it doesn’t leak!  I am now one very very happy gal!


3 thoughts on “New Roof

  1. Great to see that you are still here. I have been quietly enjoying your blog, picking up great ideas left, right and centre. Good luck in these last couple of weeks before the bubba will arrive and congratulation on a beautiful shiny new roof.

  2. Those roofs aren’t cheap, are they? But definitely a sound investment when the old one needs replacing. It makes the house look almost brand new!

    I can’t wait for the news about your new baby though. It’s always the last few weeks that seem the longest. 🙂

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