With my belly growing bigger everyday, my energy levels are quickly shrinking.  I am sure it an equal ratio:  big belly = no energy.   Only 8 weeks left now, though I am hoping for 6.  More than anything I am looking forward to meeting this little person and being able to get back into the garden.  There is nothing more embarrassing than having to crawl on your hands and knees across the  yard because your stuck on the ground due to your ample middle.  Once completing the crawl of shame to a large pot plant, you have to haul yourself up with much grunting.  Only to realise the neighbour is watching you with much amusement.  All in the name of harvesting beans.  

  Check out the green green grass.  Seriously it is so green it hurts my eyes.  Hubby wants to mow (oh the torture owning a new mower and never getting to use it!)  But I want to keep it for the chooks, no longer does the garden look tastier than the grass, no more ample belly followed by me running (ok waddling at a really fast pace) to stop them digging out the tomatoes and basil.


And here is a picture of our ‘baby’ chooks.  I have taken many photos of these two and never do they pose and smile for me, so weird freaked out photo it is.  At least it is of their heads and not their feathery behinds.

Ginger, is our laying bantam, she is very quiet and has been adopted by our youngest as his baby.  Meanwhile the white chick, who doesn’t really have a name – is finally, finally beginning to make grown up noises.  It is a Sussex crossed with something and it has  the funny extra feathery head bump.  I hope it will be a hen, another layer would be nice as the Golden Lace Wyandotte’s seem to spend more time clucky than laying in this crazy summer weather. 

Things are going well around here at the moment.  Much nesting and decluttering is done.  Plans for the next lot of seeds are being made, follow-up tomatoes and cucumbers seem to be essential.  Along with a few root crops.   A Bassinet and cute bonds suits are being washed.  I still have to find where the cloth nappies are stored and possibly attempt to find my feet.  They were last seen sometime before christmas sporting festive red toes nails…….


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  1. well not too much longer to go, i bet you were a sight crawling around picking beans too funny.
    i may have some chicky news in a couple of weeks, fingers Xed anyway

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