A summer garden



Image 1 – bed One.  Full of 4 zucchini plants (what was I thinking putting in 4 plants!)  we will be drowning in them soon!  2 button squashes and 1 cucumber.

Image 2 – bed Two.  This is a bitsa bed.  Self seeded spuds, shallots, sunflowers and lettuces

Image 3 – bed Three.  This is a bit empty at the moment.  A few beetroot, Bok choy and radishes.

Image 4 – bed Four.  The bean bed.  These are all dwarf beans.  

Image 5 – bed Five.  Tomatoes, capsicums, eggplants and obviously basil.


2 thoughts on “A summer garden

  1. Your garden looks so tidy and looked after. Jut don’t know how you manage that with two boys and a third coming. If there is a little gap in your probably quite busy schedule, you should go on plantthis.com.au. The website is for gardeners and has some features, photos and videos, which I think you will regard as really helpful. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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