Just call him spotty

It appears we finally have the chicken pox.  A grand total of 16 pox have taken up temporary residence on my eldest son.  5 days of no school – and 5 days of what could be considered torture with this hot weather, with 1 itchy boy and 1 mum who just wants to soak her puffy feet and catch a quick nap and 1 boy who is insisting on driving his brother and mother crazy with silly rhymes and songs – seriously how many ways can you sing twinkle twinkle little star with a 4yr old version of rude words thrown in?  Hmm we are up to at least 20 today…..

But life is full of comprimises.  Such as I can help sort all of the lego into their different colours, play mouse trap for the 100th time and watch another espisode of Playschool.

My bundle of knitting will wait and so too will the dishes.  But occasionally they find a fun game to play together and I get to go online and discover cool blogs such as:

And a knitting pattern c/o SouleMama that I have been busting to try for days now!


One thought on “Just call him spotty

  1. Oh dear, hope it’s over quickly. What you need is a paddling pool, just sit in there all day.

    My kids got it at a wedding we went to in the UK so we ended up being in isolation for half the trip and almost not allowed to get on the plane to come home. What a nightmare!

    Think Wyandottes are great broodies, mine comes out every morning to eat and drink which is great, sometimes you have to make them I believe. Shame the other silly one has stopped laying though.

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