Trialing Tuesday

Summer is almost here, but going by Toowoomba’s recent weather patterns you would think it is here already.  Buckets upon buckets of water are being poured into the gardens with very little help from the sky.  Carting the buckets is great exercise but each week I am finding it harder and harder to lug the 30 odd buckets a day up to the gardens.  

Drip irrigation is something I really want but it means I will need a pump.  That in turn means I will need power and pipes hooked up.  That means money.  Something I am not to keen on spending at the moment.  So I have been looking for alternative options. 

Inspiration hit me reading an article in the Nov/ Dec issue of  Organic Gardening Magazine.  Called Gardening in Dry Times (on page 26)  It explained about mulching, soil improvement and then Water Spikes.  Having tried these in the past I scoffed as they did not water the plants slowly.  Our greedy soil guzzles the water up in minutes not hours.   But what is this about filling the spikes with sand first? 


*Cue trumpets and lights inspiration has hit her*  I had to try this.  Sand and spikes in place – heck it worked (I imagine there is many of you thinking ‘how did she not know this!’  I too am wondering the same thing).  The water slowly over about half an hour emptied out!  Now I can water in the evenings and not be as concerned about fungal diseases.  Oh and save my back as I can use the hose to fill the containers!  

Bed 5 - nov 09