News – spots and babies

Gosh the days are ticking by a bit to quickly.  It is November already!  Yikes nearly time for the tree and gifts….  I don’t think I am ready just yet for that.  First we have to get through the Chickpox epidemic at Prep, 6 kids today and 3 last week.  I am on spot alert, thank goodness Hubby and I have already had them. 

Meanwhile I’m finally getting eggs only one or two a day but still eggs!  The other GLW has gone clucky – the silly thing and the two babies are growing quickly.  One is looking to be a boy and the other one is making chooky noises, but more on them later.

The vegetable garden in popping out goodness everyday, not a great deal but enough for now.  The garlic this year was a bumper crop and the onions are big and sweet.  I will have to pop back later with the pictures, I left the camera in the car and am too lazy to go and get it at this time of night.

But the big news I have been meaning to share 



We just had to find out, incase I had to buy all new pink baby clothes.  But alas its not the case, thank goodness I kept everything.  He is due roughly around the 8th of March.  Everything looks good and I feeling slightly human this week.  22weeks and counting.

  12 week ultrasound image 1

So that is it for now, I have heaps of pictures to share and some new things I am trialing in the garden.  I hope to be back tomorrow….  with spot free kids!


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