Clucky – still!

I am starting to become concerned about our clucky chook Goldie, she is still sitting on her ‘nest’.  It has been weeks now, longer than the 21days it takes to hatch an egg.  She shows no interest in getting off her nest, she will not leave it for longer than 20 minutes at the most, more often no longer than 5 minutes and this is only when I remove her from the nest.

Goldie on her nest

Any advice on what to do with her, as I think she is just about to pass the point of obsessed!


5 thoughts on “Clucky – still!

  1. I don’t know the answer but try Andy Vardy’s BYP site, there is no end of information on there.

    Or maybe Chris will know.

    Hope you are “glowing” x deb

  2. I have a few stubborn hens that will sit on the nest for months if I let them. I have had to resort to dunking them in a bucket of cold water a few times (a hint from my Gran). It sounds awful – but it works. I simply dunk them in a bucket (all the way under) and then lock them outside their pen in the garden so that they cannot get back to their nest. Some times I had to do this a few days in a row.

    Good luck 🙂

  3. Hi, just stumbled on your blog by accident but it just so happens I know a little about chooks. When they are really clucky they are only stimulated to get off by the hatching of eggs eg. chicks, or until she really gets sick of it which can be a looooong time. To break broodiness if you are not going to use her to hatch, you need to cool her temperature down. I find putting them into a small wire bottomed cage somewhere shady and breezy (with food and water available obviously) for about 3 days works. The longer they have sat, the longer they may need. The dunking in water probably works on the same principal of cooling them down. If you are not going to use their broodiness it’s best to break them of it as soon as you can. First off it’s easier and secondly they don’t spend a month or two losing condition, which means they take longer to come back on the lay again when they do come off the brood.
    Good luck! (and wear gardening gloves to pick her up, they don’t often part with their nest easily!)

  4. they can sit for months and if you’re not worried about egg production it isn’t really a problem as long as they don’t forget to eat. I get ours up once a day, make sure they have water and something to eat and a dust bath and attend to other things. We just moved the girls back into the Dome and the change of scenery has snapped two of them out of it so if you have space, that’s an option, but otherwise I’d just let her go and take advantage of lots of cuddles!

  5. Thanks for all the advice. I tried the cold water with no luck, so I decided to take her away from her ‘nest’ 24 hours. As teh Piggies have disappeared I popped her into in the old Guinea pig house and she has snapped out of it! (It is big enough for her to stand in and walk around but doen’t have a comfy nesting spot.)
    Now the other GLW is clucky so she has now moved into it as she is my only egg layer.
    A neighbour has offered his roosters services – tempting very very tempting!

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