A post of goodness

I know many others in our local area are possibly feeling the same as me.  Defeated. 

I want to childishly whine about the drying winds, the lack of rain and wacky seasons.  The seedling eating slug and the just bad luck I am having with the garden this year.  But I refuse too.  No this will be post showing the goodness that is growing and hopefully eaten in the future!

Bed 5 - Oct 09

Bed 5 has finally got some plants in it.  4 capsicums, 2 tomatoes and 2 eggplants so far.  The plants are growing so well the tomatoes have tripled in size in the last two weeks!  Today I noticed the first flower buds.

beans emerging

Meanwhile in bed 4 the pea plants are dying off and I am harvesting the dried peas.  While the peas are winding down the beans are just starting.  The first planting is growing fine and the second crop is just emerging from the soil.

bed 2 - Oct 09

Meanwhile the shalots that I planted are up and growing well too.  Also a handful of sunflower seedlings have been planted out, they are looking abit sad but hopefully they will perk up soon enough.

lotsa lettuces

My lettuces are looking good, I think I planted them  too thickly, but I will prick them out in a few days when they are a bit bigger and share them with mums at school who also grow a few vegetables.

Herb garden oct 09

And finally the best piece of the garden – the herb garden.  It is busting with goodness chives, parsley, mint, lemon balm, silverbeets, pepino, lemons and borage.  I truly love this garden, I have only planted out some flowers the rest is all self seeded or perennials.  Occasionally I pull out some borage as it is just taking over the garden, its popping up everywhere. 

So despite the tough conditions summer is starting in my garden and soon I will be harvesting onions and garlic.  Lovely!





2 thoughts on “A post of goodness

  1. It’s good to see something growing in the local area, LOL. The herb garden does look rather spectacular. Gotta love those plants which self-seed. Corriander always does that around here. I think I need to find a cooler place for it in the garden.

  2. it looks great, we all cant have that fab huge garden that produces enough for the table all year long, how ever it would be nice. a little is better than none, we may have the fruit trees but i dont even have a veggie garden yet so yours looks awesome to me

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