In the Hen House

With school holidays coming to a close I can get back to regular blogging.  YAY!   Keeping my very active 6yr old busy has been a challenge in itself.  Thank goodness we live next door to one of the most loveliest neighbours in the world whom children are always up for a play.  It has kept our combined brood of 7 busy and out of trouble. 

An idea I have had rattling around in my head for the last 2 weeks is to feature your Chook Houses here on littlefarm.

With the arrival of Spring many of us are buying or even hatching chickens.  And some of us have been very busy remodeling or building accomodation for these arrivals.   So to celebrate all things chicken I am asking you to email me a picture and a bit of a blurb about your chooks home such as where you brought it, who made it or what you made it from.  From brilliant mansions to humble Diggs I want to see them all!

Email me at:

So to start the ball rolling I will show you our evolving chook accommodations over the last 3 years.

The old chook tractor

This was our very first chook house, tractor style.  It consists of parts of my Nanas old fence and an old dog kennel.  The door was never finished properly and the wheels never attached it was also heavy and awkward to move it, but it worked a treat and housed our 2 hens for over 18mths.  With the dry weather (no grass) and the arrival of another hen it soon became apparent I need better accommodation to house my brood.

dog kennel house

The old kennel was eventually removed from the tractor and placed inside of a pen.  Eventually the kennel started to fall to pieces and also I need a bigger house to accommodate my 6 hens. 

pallet palace

So the pallet palace was built.  Yes it is constructed from an old pallet ands some free corrugated iron.  After a horrible visit from a fox, a new fully enclosed penwas built.  And it is now housing our 4 new chooks happily.

The Wire Palace


So if you have a Chook house you would like featured on littlefarm, drop me an email.


One thought on “In the Hen House

  1. I hope you’ve gotten plenty of emails with photos. Everyone’s seen my coops a stack of times, so I’ll just cheer from the sidelines. Yay!!! I liked your first coop and your second one. It’s funny how they change a little with each new build.

    I must say I like the cleverly thought out coops, no matter what size they are. Anything which makes the job of keeping chooks easier, has to be good! 🙂

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