Biddy Bags

With a name like this how could you not want to own one? 


 Biddy Bags is a brilliant idea of combining the skills of  ‘specially picked ladies’ and the art of crocheting to produce funky yet highly functional bags and other products.  Each bag has a personal touch with a short bio on the inside about the lady who produced it.

*”Biddy Bags is a non-profit public company limited by guarantee.   Women are contracted on a product-to-product basis and benefit through profit-share and increased social interaction.  For each product sold the woman who crafted it receives over half of the profit with the remainder being used to cover operational costs and to expand the enterprise’s reach.”

Check out their website for more details to purchase one of these brillant bags or other products



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One thought on “Biddy Bags

  1. thanks for the link :o)
    they are cute but i think they are a little too girly for me
    i love the pattern they used for the organic wonder washer, think i will have see if i can find it.

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