Maybe it is the ‘growing’ mothering instinct I seem to have or maybe the fact I cannot bring myself to eat eggs brought from a grocery store or maybe the fact my clucky girls seem to think eggs only come out once a week – That I brought two new hens. 

More you think didn’t I just giveaway the last 4 I brought?  This time I talked to my husband (who is gravely missing his bacon and eggs on a Sunday)  and we decided either a hybrid like the first girls we ever owned or a similar breed would suit our small scale flock .  So off the boys and I went and found 2 Rhode Island Reds POL.  Only $16.50 each. 

RIR hen

GLW and a RIR

But wait there is more.  Oh yes my boys had pocket money with them and the damn erm lovely man working at the store let my boys cuddle the baby chicks.  Oh such sweet sweet little peeps.  How on earth could I resist sweet babies and the looks on my boys faces cuddling those babies?   I brought two.  One is a bit older than the other (guaranteed a hen)  and the other is a bit smaller, theres a chance it could be a rooster, but it looks very ‘henish’ to me.  

big baby chick

little baby chick

Now with my baby brain (oh yes I am using this excuse to its full extent – oh the big pile of washing up, toast for dinner, new chooks – its all because of the baby!) I cannot remember what either of these two are.  The buff one is a bantam and the other has the lace collar like a sussex?  Really I am not too worried.  Their current home is in the guinea pig house as the piggies are free ranging in the backyard.  (They escaped and only come home for good food like apples and carrots)


Meanwhile the GLW is still clucky on her ‘nest.’


3 thoughts on “More….

  1. Dont worry you are not alone, my girls are now 15 and 17 and I still have baby brain! I keep buying more and more chooks, I now have 11! I have to give away eggs very week but that’s ok. No-one complains 🙂

    I bought an incubator too, Chris’s fault, but I am banned from having any more chooks so I have to wait until next year and get rid of my Isa Browns.

    Glad you are well and active.

    BTW I hvae had a lot of good use out of that book you sent me, thx

  2. Deb – Chooks are very addictive, it is even better that they give back in return – well when they lay. I checked on the girls tonight and they are all sleeping happily together in a nesting box. Hope it is as peaceful tomorrow with them!
    Glad that book is helping you, I use mine all the time to such brillant info in it

  3. way to go on the new chickies :o) ive still just got the 6 girls & the rooster, one of my RIR is broody & peks me every time i reach under to get the eggs. when mister rooster is fully grown & starts on the hens i am going to let them sit & see how it goes

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