As some of you might know our neighbours were approached by the federal government to redevelop their property for the affordable housing scheme.  After months of waiting……

The unit development by the Federal Government is not going through, they ran out of funds.  However now a private developer has approached our neighbours and us.  Due to restrictions our property can not be used however our neighbours are still waiting to hear if they have approval.  Oh yes the waiting game…..   Due to our new circumstances we won’t be staying here for a much longer than 12mths (unless I go mad at the serious lack of space first 😉  ).  In this time we are hoping to get some more money saved. 

So either way we are not to worried about what happens.


One thought on “News

  1. It’s funny how you received news on one front, but not closure, LOL. At least a private developer may sell them off, so you’ll have neighbours who own their unit/townhouse/duplex or whatever they decide to build there.

    Just a thought, but do you think your parents would let you build on part of their property – as in, subdivide? I know of a family up this way who did that, but their parents had hundreds of acres. But at least it meant they only had to get a mortgage for the cost of building the house – not buying the land.

    It’s only an idea and may not be suitable for the size of property your parents have. Or even if you want to live so close to your folks, LOL.

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