My two girls think they too are going to have babies. 

Goldie on her nest

 ‘Greenie’ (called as she is slightly greener than the other hen) isn’t to interested in sitting for long, but Goldie (above) is sitting and not moving.   She shrieks an awful noise when I take Greenies egg from under her.  Better yet she has no tummy feathers left as they are all lining her nest and she has lost some weight but is still eating with Gusto when I force her off the nest. 

I’ve read that the Golden Lace Wyandottes can be clucky more than other breeds, but they have only been laying a few months.    So this has totally caught me by surprise.   She has been sitting for abit over a week now, will she move when she has had enough of sitting with no results or should I intervene? 


2 thoughts on “Clucky

  1. Aw, they’ve all grown up and wanting to have babies of their own. If you’re interested, I can bring some fertile eggs around to see if she’ll hatch them. No trouble for me, but do you want new chicks if she manages to succeed? 🙂

  2. I’ve given up intervening beyond getting them up everyday for a feed and a scratch (which they would probably do themselves anyway, but I want to see it for myself). I don’t want to scare you, but my Cochin sat for 3 months last year – yep, 12 whole weeks. I ended up buying a peep for her. Who knows what she’ll do this year – she’s into week 2, with one of the others. Good thing is you can have a cuddle which they normally don’t like, or is your little Wyandotte like mine and a bit pecky? She’s only been broody twice and did a fair stint last year. If Chris was near me I’d be taking her up on the offer but if you don’t, just let her go is my advice. When we first started keeping chooks we tried most of the things suggested on the forum but they don’t really work. She’s only doing what’s in her nature after all!

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