Still kickin’

Gosh it has been two weeks or so since I was here.  Honestly I think I have slept for most of it.  By 1pm I am buggered and out of it on the couch.  And back in bed at 8pm.  16weeks and counting. 

But I have been doing garden things in between naps and this sudden need to eat pineapples.  Heres quick run through the garden beds.

Bed 1  This season is the cucurbitaceae bed.  So far cucumbers and zuchini’s have been sown.  The zuchini’s have germinated but the cucumbers are being slow. 

Bed 2  Was the old broccoli bed which was wiped out by the heat wave in August.  So now I have peanuts and shallots in it.  The shallots were rotting in the cupboard (when exactly did I buy them?) so I decided at least if they are in the ground they might grow.  My baby brain can’t remember what season they should have been planted.

Bed 1 - sept 09

Bed 3  Is the root crops.  I have a bumper crop of onions, garlic and beetroot.  Best yet I think.  I have cheated a bit this season and brought, oh gee, a tub of fertilizer.  Glup.   I am so fed up with the garden starving so I decided for now to use a commercial product.  I think I plant to thickly so the plants need much more food than what is available.  So fingers crossed this will help.

Bed 3 - Sept 09

Bed 4 contains the legumes.  The peas and snow peas are still growing, we eat them steamed for dinner each night – Yum.  The big monster pea bush died in the August heat wave.  Despite being given buckets of water.  Eventually I let it go and dozens of pods dry out and I harvested 2 cups of dried peas.  Dwarf bean seeds were planted yesterday.  I think they were Gourmet Delights by Yates. 

Bed 4 - sept 09

Bed 5 is still waiting for the tomatoes.  They are in the propagator as I type.  So they should be ready in a few weeks.  Meanwhile I will buy one tomato seedling so I hopefully will get a harvest sooner.


Now I just need some rain.  The 3mm yesterday was lovely, but can I be greedy and ask for more?  Please?