My Pete Cundell

Having met my brillant man 13 years ago at the tender age of 16 – I never thought that the petrol loving, beer drinking, anything but a ‘greenie’ man would ever be telling me how to dig over a green manure bed. 

But yes after 13 years he is still suprising me!   Due to the no heavy lifting orders due to ‘the bub’ and my darn back I had to sweetly ask for the tomato bed to be dug over.  So off went Hubby to get the diggingfork – shovel????  I subtly suggest that the digging fork might be easier (You know not to scare the man off the job, subtly is the key)  But no I am told that Pete cuts the green manure with the shovel first and then digs it in.  Oh.

My Pete Cundell

I am put in my place.  I guess he has been listening to Gardening Australia for all these years.


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