A new addition

 Ok the ‘big news’ I have been hinting about is ready to be shared – globally. 

Yes, We are having another baby, due in early March 2010.   Oh yes we were rather surprised about this too.  But we have had sometime for the news to ‘sink in’ and now its rather exciting.  Though Liam (6) thinks we should sell the baby!  Names are also regularly being debated (somehow booger or bum just doesn’t seem right?)  and both the boys do not want a yucky girl. 

12 week ultrasound image 1

But back to my blog –  I am sorry poor blog with my recent slackness – With sickness plaguing me for the last 12 weeks and energy levels  zippo, you can understand why I haven’t been around. 

Along with the blog my poor poor garden has suffered and nothing has been done in it for the spring sowings.  Especially since the doctor ordered me to ‘take is easy’, with no heavy lifting or stretching.   Now I have to smile very sweetly at my dear hubby to dig over the hard gardens for me just to spread the compost around.  *sigh*  At least seeds and seedlings are easy going.

So there it is, our exciting and occasionally scary news – but can anyone help me figure out where to fit a 3rd child into a 2 bedroom home?


5 thoughts on “A new addition

  1. Congratulations,

    I hope the “all day sickness” starts giving you some peace soon. Smiling sweetly as I make request for heavy work is just something I have got used to over the last 2 years.

    The last is a hard one.. but they tell me babies don’t really take up much space to start so I would have to guess there would be a corner either in the boy’s or your room where bub can sleep.

    Kind Regards

  2. congrats :o) thats great news
    it is such an awesome thing to have a person growing inside you & sometimes being sick & taking it easy wears you down & takes the fun out of the whole thing.
    just relax & pamper yourself even if its just a bath & a book. i am sure when you get further along & your belly gets bigger the boys will become more excited, & they both get to be big brothers weather its a girl or a boy, that should make them happy. as for room, well babies are small but all their crap is huge :o) i am sure you will manage just fine :o)
    cant wait to hear updates

  3. Congratulations! How exciting for you. Hopefully you will feel better soon, glowing and all that, and the boys will become more excited. Take it easy, it won’t matter if you slack off in the garden for one season. x Deb

  4. I wondered if you were going to announce you were pregnant, LOL. My second guess involved a “for sale” sign and a tree change to the country!

    Congratulations. Great picture. They’re getting bigger already. 🙂

    Glad things are okay with you all, and it’s good to see the boys getting involved too. Even if it’s only to sell their little brother or sister, LOL. That’s a funny story.

  5. congratulations!! I’ve been a little slow getting to your lovely news. That’s terrific. Are you finding the ‘go slow’ orders a bit frustrating? My brothers had bunk beds and I had a room all to myself. So if it is a girl then maybe that’s the way to go. And don’t kids just love bunk beds? I wanted one so badly. Maybe my brothers wouldn’t agree…

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