Where the heck have I been?

Painting.  And more painting.  On a rather silly whim I decided to repaint the hideous laundry.  Now this would be a rather easy task IF the ceiling wasn’t 4m high.  But is is 4m high and doorways needed stripping and re-painting.  Oh and did I mention I hate climbing ladders.  So here is hubby doing some ladder aerobatics while trying to remove some liquid nails off the wall.  Yep it was me trying to stick up a decorative board – no it didn’t work and apparently if I ever use it again he will divorce me!

Repainting the Laundry

You can see the hideous state it was in.  The darker green is the new colour, the pink and other green is what it used to look like.  A bit later we are planning on either tiling or using laminate to replace the wall behind the tub and also replacing the taps with ones that turn off.  Last up will be a new floor covering. 

Repainting the Laundry (2)

Repainting the Laundry (3)

So for the last week and a half this is what I have been doing.  Very very slowly.  Doctors orders after I ended up in his office with a rather sore back (an old horse riding or rather falling injury).  Apparently I have been overdoing it?  Oh well it is looking fabulous and next up is to repaint and contact the lovely yellow bench and replace the window that hubby pulled out to be painted, and finish up the windows into the boys room.  I should be done sometime by Christmas, but oh how I love the colour and it looks so much better already!  painting 1

painting 2



2 thoughts on “Where the heck have I been?

  1. That looks gorgeous! Well worth all the effort. I love how you gave the trim a go though. Not being intimidated and learning from any mistakes, is what will make you a real pro in future.

    Looking forward to seeing all the changes when they’re done. Should look really good. 🙂

  2. its going to look great when its finished, i also just renovated our laundry, just have to find a bit of time to run up some curtains, then ill post some pics

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