Our last notable rainfall (I don’t count 0.2mm as rain – do you?)  was on the 14th July we had 2.8mm; before that it was 11.2 mm on the 27th June.

No wonder the gardens are dry, the trees looked stressed and the grass, what grass?  Today it is hot and blustery.  I am forcing the boys to stay inside – currently they are only wearing their underwear.  But hey aren’t we still in winter?  Today we are on the highest fire warning there is.  It is perfect weather for a fire and that knowledge makes it even scarier.  The paddocks are so dry dust comes off the dead grass when you walk on it.

Is this a taste of what to expect for the next 6 months?  No rain and hot hot temperatures?  I am seriously debating how much to plant in this years spring/ summer garden.  Our tank is half full.

wind blow dry yard

It is hard to see the plants you so tenderly grew drying desptie the buckets of water they are recieving.  The brassica bed is all but dead and my poor mammoth pea tower is not looking good either.  

Peas in bed 4

Gosh I hope it rains soon…  How is your spring / summer shaping up to be?


One thought on “Thristy

  1. We live off tank water, and our tank is nearly at the bottom. I’m pretty sure we’ll have to order some water in soon.

    Very dry and extremely warm here too. By my recollection though, it has been like this every winter. Come spring and summer, we’ll get some pretty bad storms again. I’ll be shaking my fist at all the soil erosion again, LOL.

    I’m praying for rain as we really do need it.

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