Catching up

We are still here, gosh it has been a good week or so.  The days are ticking by with many happening that have been keeping us very busy. 

First up someone turned 6 on the 31st, I have been informed he is a big boy now.  We had a party at a local park with cake, chocolate crackles and friends from school.  As usual he received way to many toys made of way too much plastic.  But he had a wonderful day and loves to remind me regularly that he is 6 now.

6 years old

Everyday the weather is warming up just a little bit more, not enough to take off our jumpers yet, (nor sit on the ground with a bare bum – Jackie Frenchs favourite way to tell if the soil is warm enough yet!)  but just enough for me to think spring thoughts of tomatoes, cucurbits and T shirts!  So it must nearly be time to dig out the spring seeds and clean the propagating box.  Also it must be time to dig the green manures into the gardens and throw some compost around too so it will be ready for planting in a few weeks, as there is still a few weeks of possible frosts yet.

Other projects I have been slowly working on are: more paving, painting and mulching many gardens ahead of the summer heat.

Meanwhile there is some exciting news in the works, but just to tease you all I won’t be announcing it for another few weeks I just want to be sure before announcing it.  Sorry….

But something I can share is we have EGGS!  One of our clever clever girls has laid us 3 eggs now.  My how she likes to announce to the street what she has achieved.  They also have developed a taste for pepinos and loquats, but are still unsure about the left over bits of cereal and vegetable scraps.  Silly girls, they also have taken a fancy to chasing the neighbours cat.  I hate to think what they will do to her if they catch her!  Luckily the cat is fast and can jump high.

Meanwhile I am off for the afternoon to cook sausages for our P&C and then tomorrow the boys are off to watch a friend race his car at Morgan Park in Warwick.  So have a fabulous weekend whatever you maybe doing!


3 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Hi Emily,
    glad to see you back and hear that things are going well. Nice and warm here too as long as you are in the sunshine so we have also begun preparing for spring – only 3 weeks to go now.:-) Look forward to hearing your exciting news!

  2. Argh, now we have to wait – the announcement sounds exciting!!!

    Glad the girls are laying for you. Mine have started also – and yes, they do like to cluck rather loudly afterwards. Sets all my roosters off. 🙂

    Happy birthday to the big boy too!

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