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Not a lot has been happening around here this last week, just getting out of bed is hard enough.  Hubby has been working long long hours (3 lots of 2am breakdowns are just too many in 1 week!)  and I have been unwell.   Hopefully this will all improve soon.  Meanwhile….

After much debating and several more escapes, I came to the decision that the 4 big chooks had to go.  I posted an ad on FarmStock and within hours a lovely lady from Clifton with much acreage, called and was most grateful to take the girls to add to her ageing flock.  So now I just have the 2 Golden Lace Wyandottes, no eggs from them yet but the weather is warming up more and more everyday so hopefully soon I will have eggs. 

For now I will keep the flock to just the 2 girls and maybe later might add two pure breed bantams.  For now I  enjoying watching the girls do their thing around the yard.  This has recently included scratching their claws on the mats from the trampoline –  I think they enjoy the noise it makes, every afternoon they are straight over there scratch scratch scratching away.  Then onto the best patch of dirt in the yard for a good dust bath.

golden laced girls

I feel this is the best decision for our situation at the moment, especially if we are to be moving.  As it is very likely the yard will be much much smaller than what we have now.


2 thoughts on “Back to two

  1. Hope you get better soon, I’ve been feeling a bit run-down myself. We must be due for a change of season!

    Anyway, I find the Wyandottes are probably the most friendly and docile birds I have. The bantam Orpingtons come a close second. The Araucanas are the flighty ones and it does make it difficult to let them lose in the garden. They scratch everything!

    So I know exactly where you’re coming from. If they’re a breed that loves to fly, scratch and basically shun domestication, it’s a nightmare for a suburban backyard. I stumbled upon the Wyandottes quite by accident, only wanting some fertile eggs for my broodies to hatch. But they’re easily becoming one of my favourites.

    They will destroy things given the chance too, but compared to my Araucanas at least the Wyandottes can be distracted and stay that way. 😉

    I hear light Sussex are meant to be a docile breed of bird too, but they will eat quite a lot.

  2. Sorry to read that you haven’t been well – I hope it is something that will pass soon. We’ve had a really bad winter for germs this year, one cold after the next and a nasty flu. I’m over it!

    Out of all of our girls I really think our Wyandottes have the best temperament and are the easiest to look after and so beautiful too. If I had to have one breed, it would probably be those. Interesting that you mention the Sussex – they are next on my list.

    Hope the move goes OK and you are back on your feet soon.

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