The ‘girls’ are currently confined to the night pen after escaping to the neighbours on Tuesday.   Spending 30 minutes chasing 4 reluctant hens is not my idea of excitement but it is excellent exercise.  bad chickens! x

Meanwhile they have also polished off all the seedlings under the mulberry tree, dug holes in the herb garden and started pruning the pea bushes.

Holes in the herb garden

They also sit on top of the gate to the back area and I swear laugh at me!  So wings have been clipped and they have been confined for a few days until I figure out how to keep them in the back yard.  More wire maybe?

Bad bad Girls!


Friday – the clipped wings have not stopped them!  Today they ate the best part of the only ripe pepino in the herb garden and dug another hole.  The wire will have to be extended!


2 thoughts on “Escapees

  1. We moved from Melbourne to Toowoomba in January this year. I was excited to find your blog as we like to grow our own vegies and I am hoping to use your tips to work out what to plant when!
    We brought with us our pet chooks (2)- egg laying free range chooks. The chooks are Pekins, so about the size of a bantam, but they do not destroy the garden and they do not run away (we leave our gate open and they don’t go into the street!). They also go into a small coop every night which they do by themselves. We bought them when they were only about 8 weeks old so they love being carried around by children. Check about Pekins and how they adapt to city living. My eldest has a blog where you can see photos of our chooks. The only problem, they love being around us and they come up to the back door to watch us and leave their little deposits at the door!

  2. It’s annoying when they dig up the garden. I feel your grief. Have you gotten any eggs for all your troubles yet?

    I can’t remember your set-up, but do you have 6-foot fences they’re flying over?

    Is it possible they’re jumping onto something else to get over the fence? I’ve heard that clipping wings is only designed to make them off-balance when flying. It’s the imbalance that stops them, rather than the missing feathers. But if they’re only flying short distances, they should be able to make it. That’s why I was wondering if they were flying onto things to get over the fence?

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