Well that’s what I would be if I relied solely upon my garden.  ‘Pickings’ are a bit slim at the moment.  A few old bitter lettuce leaves and enough broccoli florets for a single serve.  Loquats and maybe some pea shoots? 

little broc head - abit to go yet

*Sigh*  How does one know when to begin planting out the winter crops?  I thought I started early enough to miss the gap.  Then the first batch of broccoli seeds failed, life things happen and suddenly you are behind with plantings and have the dreaded famine gap!  I wonder how the family will feel about stewed loquats 3 meals a day?

Loquat season!


Brocoli florets


3 thoughts on “Starving

  1. Same here, I thought I had been so good with the successive planting but 99% of our vegetables have to be bought. It’s not going to improve either because the possums ate the next lot of broccoli seedlings. I was thinking of getting one of those mini greenhouses from eBay and starting the spring planting very soon.

    How are your new chooks settling in? x Deb

  2. I have to say that getting planting just right really seems to be more art than science.

    By good management I got one cauliflower and like you single serves of broccoli so far.. why because it was the only one out of the first lot I germinated round mid summer that didn’t succumb to some type of pestilence. Knowing when to plant to cover the hungry gap is one thing actually having everything come out the way you expected it to really is something else altogether.

    Kind Regards

  3. Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. The only thing we’ve got producing at the moment are snow peas, rubarb and some herbs.

    I guess “the gap” is a good example to grow plenty of pumpkins and potatoes, right until the first frost. They keep fairly well. We still have a few pumpkins that were picked after the first frost, but the other immature pumpkins on the vine died.

    The real trick I feel is to avoid frost – or plant only where you know it won’t settle. I was surprised that our snow peas grew after the first frost came, but then I noticed they were higher than where the frost settled on the ground.

    I’ve always wondered if planting in those blue half barrels, trapped frost from escaping? Maybe in winter (when you know the frosts are coming) you can place your barrels in a circle – the most sensitive plants to frost, in the middle. Plants will protect other plants from frost settling.

    Have you noticed the longer (slightly warmer) days though? I planted a heap of seeds just before winter, but they didn’t have enough time to come up. Only just now, the bed I planted them in are sprouting little green tuffs of growth.

    By the way, the broccoli you gave me are doing really well. 🙂

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