This last week has just slipped away.  But it certainly has been a busy one.  A Hospital visits for Gromets.  Harvesting 4kgs of green Roma tomatoes.  Turning said green tomatoes into chutney.  Feasting on slightly sour loquats. A run away  grey chook – it turned up at the neighbours.  If anyone is interested in the two grey ones please email me!  They are not suited to city living…. Also there has been many walls and ceilings cleaned and lots of painting.

c in hospital

Green tomatoes

green tomato chutney 2


A garden update is in the works there is certainly a lot of growing happening at the moment just not much eating.


One thought on “Happenings

  1. Aw, poor mite! I used to hate hospital visits as a kid too. Nothing else for it when you need to go though. Hope he’s on the mend soon. 🙂

    Green Tomato chutney sounds interesting. I imagine it would have a bit of a tart flavour to it, although I’ve never tried it before. Let us know how it turns out won’t you.

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