This afternoon was the girls first trip into the yard.  They chased bugs, ate cabbage plants and scratched happily away for over an hour in the fading afternoon light. 

When chooks are first introduced to a new home it is best to let them venture out late in the afternoon – they are less likely to run away and instead head home to bed.

Chooks venturing out

Chooks in the garden

Chooks in the garden 2


A few more days and they will be ready to spend the whole day out in the back yard. 


2 thoughts on “Adventure

  1. Oh how I envy you the afternoon light, our weather is so awful it is dark by about 3.00.

    How are you going with your decision, maybe the developer will offer you a lot of money for yours and you can buy something else. It doesn’t seem fair though after all the love and work you have put into that place.

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