Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. 

We recently  recieved the news that ours neighbours are selling their land to developers.  6 town houses will be built in their homes place.  Yesterday we were told that another property that backs onto ours will be also developed. A total of 12 units in two blocks!   The thought of living next to that many people is hard to comprehend.  We love our large block, yeah we are in the airport flight path, but we really like it here.  School and Hubby’s work is close by and so is our family.

So now we are Struggling with the decision of what to do.  Move or Stay?   

Oak tree

Whatever the decision will be there is still time to finish planting out the broccoli, feast on sour loquats and harvest the first peas.


4 thoughts on “Struggle

  1. Yeah,

    Just when you think you have everything settled another variable enters the equation. Good luck with your decision making, it certainly would be a difficult one to make.

    Kind Regards

  2. Our friends in WA are facing exactly the same problem. They will be the only block not subdivided in their entire suburb, however, they do have 5 (acres or hectares? I only have experience of meters!) so it is a very big block. But still – they could make a lot of money by selling it but they love the place and bought it when there was no one else much around. What a hard one. The building noise would bug me too. What a bummer.

  3. I moved around a lot as a kid, so I learned to make home wherever you are. It’s not easy to consider letting go of your own house though – especially when you still have dreams tied up in it.

    I guess you’ll know when is the right time to move on – if that issue ever comes up to act upon. In the meantime I know you’ll enjoy what you have. 🙂

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