Edited for the correct breeds of the hens….   see comments below for details – Thanks Chris!

Yesterday welcomed 2 new girls to the coop.  And today welcomed 4 more.  So introducing our new girls:

These two are Golden Laced Wyandottes raised by Chris at Bushland Project.  They are 22 weeks old.

golden laced girls

Next up is our cross-breed farm chickens.  Stock was being cleared out and I brought them for a song – I hope I won’t regret my decision later, as I was really hoping for pure breeds but was having a lot of trouble sourcing them.

They are rather ‘interesting’ looking girls and slightly older than the the Golden Laced girls, but are all equal in size.   They are in great condition, heavy, glossy eyes and feathers. 

The two darker hens are Leghorns x.    I was told they are roughly 10mths old and should be laying.  

new chooks 1

new chooks 3

The two grey girls are Wyandotte  (he may have been mistaken what do you think)  x ?  They are very flighty and screech when they are picked up, like a cockatoo.  No kidding it is scary!  I am unsure if they will last as city chickens, I think they will fly over the 4ft fence at the back of the yard into the mouth of the neighbours dog first chance they get!   But I will give them a few weeks to calm down and clip their wings first, before making a chooks 4

new chook 2

So that is our 6 new girls.  I hope that they will be happy here and that 2 of them especially will soon settle down.

Happy chooks in the new pen


9 thoughts on “Introducing

  1. They are gorgeous! You must be happy to have chooks again.

    I love the look of the Wyandottes. Are they a smallish chook? I’m planning to add to my flock and am thinking of getting some Australorp Bantams – as I have Bantams already. Given most of my various breeds are black i’m also after a black breed (apparently chooks like to hang out with chooks of the smae colour. Wierd!). But those Wyandottes are tempting…


  2. Hi Trica, Chooks can be very cruel to the odd ones out. Hybrids are very good at this. They will bully the ‘others’ attack them and cause alot of stress to them.
    I have never had Wyandottes before, but I am guessing they will be a medium sized bird. They also come in Silver or buff – the gold is so pretty!

    I am loving having chooks again. Hot leftover oats for breakfast this morning for them – they loved it. I am really looking forward to them settling down so I can have a cuddle with them.

  3. Emily – It made me smile to think of you making a HUGE bowl of oats – just to make sure you had leftovers for the chooks 🙂

  4. Hi, I’m glad the GLW girls have some new friends to keep them company. They are 22 weeks of age today, so mark it on you calendar. Unfortunately, the girls laying age coincides with the middle of winter, so they may not start laying until the days get longer again – August/September. If you’re lucky, they’ll start just before the days get really short.

    I reckon the two other brown hens you have are brown leghorns, which would explain why they are flighty. The grey ones could be silver laced wyandotte x leghorn too. Although leghorns and wyandottes traditionally have yellow legs, so I’m wondering if it’s a wyandotte x minorca instead? Minorcas have slate-grey legs.

    Watch out for white eggs with your crosses, as I reckon they’re either a leghorn or minorca cross – not langshan. Whoever sold them to you didn’t understand what they were passing on, as langshans don’t have white earlobes – neither do wyandottes.

    I’ll email you a few links of pictures of the birds I’m talking about. You’ll find the brown leghorns look very much like the ones in your pictures.

    Either way, I think you’ve got an interesting flock and once they all gel together, they’ll be the best of friends. Watch my girls for flying ability too. They aren’t flightly by nature, but love company. If they see a hen sitting on a high perch or fly over the fence – they’ll follow suit.

    I look forward to seeing photos later on as they all develop together. 🙂

    Happy chicken days!

  5. They look great, I particularly like the Wyandottes, I got some silver ones myself last weekend and would love some gold as well if I had room. The porridge thing really made me laugh, I did EXACTLY the same thing yesterday for my new babies. Mine are very shy, not sure if they will ever be tame enough for petting like my nosey old Isa Browns. Good luck with your new flock, I’m sure they’ll love the great home you’ve built for them. x Deb

  6. Yah! New chooks!! And aren’t they are lovely lot too? Hey that’s great that you got the Gold Laced Wyandottes from Chris & Dave! I’m a bit dubious about the description the seller gave you of your crosses (but they are nice looking birds) but I really don’t know much about these things. The grey legs are interesting – one of our little s.p. wyandottes has grey legs and her mum has yellow – they aren’t quite standard size and so were crossed with bantams at some point but not sure of which breed…so wyandottes can have grey legs, it’s just not standard for them to do so. Interesting!! New enclose is terrific – you’ve done a great job on it. Liked your tips on frost-proofing the young fruit trees. We don’t normally get frost but have had some really low temps this week and our new fruit trees arrived from Diggers so I don’t want them getting damaged. Pillow cases it is! Enjoy your girls

  7. Thank you all for your comments, I love having chooks again.

    Chris you are right on with the leghorn – (though there is a langshan with white ears see the link)
    But looking at the colourings it is certainly leghorn. I am glad you caught on as I was so off with the breed. Either the old guy said the wrong name or I heard it wrong, oh well we now know. Thank you!!!

    Deb & Tricia – They loved their warm oats for breakfast. I’ve tried hot mash in the past but our last chooks prefered oats. I usually make enought rolled oats for 10 people and since their is only 4 of us, the chooks just have to have the left overs 😉
    Jacqui – I hope the pillow cases work for you, my coffee trees are black, even with them on! But the citrus is fine?


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