The Wire Palace

The Wire Palace

The Girls new accommodation is now finished.  I hung the gate this morning. 

The floor, walls and roof are all covered in mesh.  Hubby jokes it is a wire prison.  The total size of the pen 2.5m x 3m around and it stands 2m high.  Tomorrow I will be covering the base wire with a light covering of soil and then a layer of deep litter.  Also I will disinfect the coop, let it dry and then fill it with fresh straw. 

As there will be 2 different lots of hens coming in I will be keeping them all in the pen for several days.  (Mondays delivery has been postponed to Thursday)  Later on the chooks will be able to free range in the back area.  But before they can go into the back area the fence will need to be rebuilt – I recycled the fence into the pen. 

So my next solo project is to built a nice fence for the back area.

And I must say a big thank you to my lovely Hubby for his building expertise with the chook accommodation!



2 thoughts on “The Wire Palace

  1. It would have to be a pretty clever fox to foil that enclosure.

    Well done to both of you. Team work get’s it done every time!

  2. Well done – that should do the trick Emily. You must be missing having chooks, I look forward to seeing your new girls when you get them. I treated myself to some pretty ones at the weekend.

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