Chook Pen – update

The chook pen is coming together now.  At sunset we ran out of mesh wire. 

Building the pen

Chook Pen - floor

The floor is covered with mesh wire too, nothing will be getting in or out of this one! 

Just that one side to finish now and then the door and the mesh to be tacked on around the coop.  Hopefully there will be chooks in there tomorrow.  And on Monday 2 special deliveries are coming.  Stay tuned…..



4 thoughts on “Chook Pen – update

  1. And isn’t it fun putting chook wire over an enclosure?! I was aching in strange places for a week after we finished the Summer Palace. Looking forward to meeting the residents

  2. Golly gosh – “herbatious” is me. I used to have a wordpress blog so it’s signed me on automatically.

    Sorry about that.

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