Chook Pen Construction

Chook Pen frame

As you can see the chook pen frame is now on site.  The wire isn’t on yet but its all there ready to go.  The old pen wire with the passion fruit vine on it has to stay, it is very well attached and I like my passion fruits too much to pull it out for looks. 

Once the pen is complete I will remove the posts and lean the wire and vine over to the new pen.  Well that’s if I can pull out the star picket posts.  They all seem to be very well stuck in, if you look carefully there is still the other ones in the ground.  They are not coming out – a post puller maybe needed (or a grinder!)


Meanwhile with the hedge gone and the new fence in I have gained a lot new garden space, so I am experimenting with what I can grow in this garden.  Previously crops were poor, weak and I could not give them enough water.  The hedge just robbed the earth of nutrients and moisture.  So in this area beside the mulberry tree I have cabbages and cauliflowers.  11 plants in total. 

Rain is predicted for the next few days, they should take off.

For the Locals – QPD has lucerne mulch for $8.50 a bale.  Good quality heavy bales.


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  1. Hi Jacqui – There is two new girls heading our way, more about them soon. I am also hoping to buy several pullet age birds at the poultry show on Sunday.
    I will keep you posted

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