Addiction – the good kind

granny squares

Recently a girlfriend held a party, a Learn-how-to-crochet party.  I have never crocheted in my life but it only took a few hours for me to figure it out and start churning out granny squares.  13 and counting – in 3 days – I am so addicted!

shameful backyard

In the meantime this is what my back yard has looked like for the last week during my crochet induced addition.  Oh so shameful.  Hubby cleaned out the shed on the weekend and most of this is destined for recycling (Why my push mower is there I have no idea…)  and I have a big pile of tree trimmings waiting to be chipped.   Once they are chipped I will be making a compost pile.  Oh well at least I am going to have a fabulous home made blanket to keep me warm this winter….


2 thoughts on “Addiction – the good kind

  1. crochet is VERY addictive – watch out! I started when mum showed me how to do an edge on a blanket for a friend’s new baby – next thing I was making ponchos and scarves. It’s comforting too just to sit and crochet and let your mind wander. Enjoy!

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