Around the garden

Blue pots in their final position

The days are just ticking by, especially now that the days are becoming shorter.  Jobs are slowly being done in the garden, like the blue pots above.  They have been moved back against the fence.  It has really opened up the yard and the boys are enjoying the extra room for bikes and running.

The chook pen is all but down now.  A cube like frame will be made out of RHS 1″ steel.  2m high and 3x3m (roughly) around.  Wire mesh  will cover it all over and an outward swinging door will be built that will be covered in mesh.  It will be like a chook prison.  Our neighbours were as surprised as us to be told about the chooks deaths.  Our elderly neighbour said ‘No, but we live in town!’  (The dead grass looking thing in the picture is lemon grass, it’s not dead but it will have to be moved)

Chook Pen coming down

The broccoli and cauliflowers are growing away happily.  There has been afew cabbage white butterfly eggs but I have been squishing them when I see them, so no  grubs yet.  I now have the problem of where will to put the cabbages and other cauliflowers in?  I haves some room out the front.  It just needs weeding first.  Lots of weeding…. 

Brassica Bed may 09

And this is the very top of the Oak tree.  Lovely rusty orange leaves that fall.  Everywhere.  They are crunchy underfoot and cover everything.  I love autumn in my yard!

Oak tree


2 thoughts on “Around the garden

  1. Can’t wait to see your new coop creation, and the new picture on the header looks great too. All my mulberry leaves have dropped from my tree now. That is a mulberry tree in the picture isn’t it?

    The pots against the new fence looks terrific too. Have you tried growing spuds in one of those blue half-barrels? I’ve got one I’m thinking of putting spuds in – like a wicking bed.

    Your place is looking good and all the hard work is paying off! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see my coop too, hubbys building the frame so hopefully he will agree with my plans 😉
    Yep that the top of the mulberry tree, it was a random shot that just happened to look great. I have a nice dark moody sunset one too when I get bored with sunny skies.
    I will be trying spuds in the pots next spring, as I need the garden space in my raised beds. Path to Freedom grow all theirs in containers so it should work well. They always have a bumper crop of spuds.

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