The chook pen – down it comes

The beginning of the start of our new coop has begun. The mulch has been gathered ready to make a compost pile, dishes and water bottles emptied and cleaned and wire has been cut and stored away to reuse on the new pen. There’s still a lot to do, before I can start building the new pen, but hopefully it will go together quickly.

Sorry no pictures yet.

I’d love to have the pen up and ready before the 1st Sunday of June when the Darling Downs Poultry and Pigeon Breeders Association has their annual show. There should be some hens for sale, or at least I will be able to meet a few breeders who might have some hens for sale. I’d love a mixture of heritage breeds but I will be happy with whatever I can find.  I miss having the girls in the yard.  – Still no fox in the cage, tonight is its last chance.

Hopefully I will be back with good news all round tomorrow.

Edit – the date of the Show is Sunday the 7th of June, which is the first Sunday of the the Month – Sorry!