Thanks and Plans

Thank you for your lovely comments, today i just feel really angry and want to be sure this won’t happen again.

But no fox yet.  Unless it is a scuba fox, its pouring rain.  Lovely Lovely Stuff. 

Hubby was as shocked as I am about all of the girls being gone.  He is even more certain now it is a fox.   Meanwhile I have discovered that I didn’t realize how much of a routine I had with feeding the girls until I went to put them away yesterday.  *bummer*   The first time in 3 years I haven’t had a chook in the yard.  But there will be more – next time I will try to find heritage breeds and I will take my time finding them, instead of my usual, rather spur of the moment ‘I have to have new chooks’ and will take whatever I can get, idea.

The trapping cage is being left set up in the coop for a few days to see if I can catch ‘it’.  ‘Its’ tummy is probably very full after eating 4 chooks in a week, plus this weather.  (No one wants to go out in this….)  Yeah there is no chooks left but it knows where to look for more and I certainly don’t want it to happen again.

New Plans……
Once the weather has cleared up I will pull down the old night pen and rebuild a fully enclosed one.  Hubby’s not too keen on this, but the plans are already on the table, in a typical Emily-fashion I can always make it better.  This new night pen will have a roof on it so hopefully the sparrows won’t get in and constantly be messing up the water.  You know all those things that you think of or discover later on that really needed to be included with the original build.

Here are some brilliant looking coops:

Have I missed yours and you’d love to add it to the list?  Comment below…


4 thoughts on “Thanks and Plans

  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your chooks, it’s so sad. By reading peoples blogs I’m trying to gain information for when I’m in a position to have my own chooks. I didn’t realize that the predators would be so inventive and persistent. It’s very heart breaking and hopefully avoidable in the future.

    Wishing you the best finding new chooks!!!!

  2. Hi Emily,
    try this website for chicken house ideas.

    I love it, I wish I had room for several more myself. Chicken tractors are good because you can move them, I’m going to put mine over the vege patches as part of the rotation cycle. I’d love some heritage chooks too, maybe I should tear down the garage that is only full of junk to make more space.

    Thanks to you I have already started tearing out the granny garden in the front to make room for a feijoa hedge and an apple tree or three x Deb

  3. Oh Emily I’m so sorry about you loosing your girls. I got a bit choked up when I read you went out to put them away and they weren’t there… I’m shocked too because even though I’ve read about raids on BYP, being in a more suburban location I would have thought you’d be safer but I guess not. Makes me nervous too as we are in a similar type of area.

    I’ve been really impressed by Chris and Dave’s chook houses, especially their latest Hilltop House. Their other one that you link to is what inspired us to put the bird netting and roof over the Summer Palace ( – I think the roof makes all the difference.

    The Dome is pretty secure for the same reasons (that and the fact that if anything got inside they wouldn’t be able to get up to the roost because of the angle from the ground caused by the curve – they can’t jump so there’s just no way up without feathers. It takes up a lot of space though (suppose they all do) and it needs to be moved around to work at its best.

  4. I check out all the coop creations in the blogosphere too. 😉 I love the concept of domes, and thinking of trying one out myself. Problem I have in my area is wind though. The windbreaks I’ve planted haven’t grown in properly, so I could have a flying dome on my hands!

    It’s really great to hear that you’re fighting back for your chooks.

    Did you know you can order day-olds from Norco/Boudlers on Anzac Avenue? They can order in the breeds you’re after, so you can get them around the same age. Just depends if you want to raise chicks though. There is also a lady in Marburg who sells chickens. From memory she has Australorps, Faverolles, New Hampshires and I think Barnevelders. I can give you her mobile number if you want to make contact.

    It will be difficult to track down heritage breeds around this time of the year, because most will have gone into moult and stopped laying. Although some breeders will often use this time as an opportunity to move on second year layers too. I bet you’ll have fun at the show!

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