If I don’t try to catch it, it will keep picking off the girls until there is none.  *Sigh*  I will let you know how it turns out….

Yep the title states there is none.  Just one body left.  ‘It’ bypassed the tasty chicken thigh in the cage and got in, this time over the fence.  I am feeling rather shocked as I did think it was safe and secure.  I spent hours digging in new wire and wiring up suspected holes.  Only for ‘it’ to climb over the flipping 6ft fence via the coop roof!  (This is the only possible way left to get in that I can see)

Empty Coop

I feel deflated.  I guess this is now a good time to learn from my mistakes and rebuild the night pen.  I am thinking a 10ft razor wire number…  I feel bad laughing.  But this time it will be a completely enclosed wire number, top and bottom. 

The body will be put inside the cage tonight in hope it returns for its ‘last meal’.  Literally.


6 thoughts on “None

  1. It’s hard. I’ve lost chooks due to ill health in the past. One after the other they get taken, and you feel powerless to do anything. It seems no matter what you try it doesn’t make any difference.

    Whatever you do though, don’t blame yourself. Foxes are cunning.

    Have you heard of flopping fencing? Apparently foxes don’t like climbing chicken wire that’s loose. Basically they can’t climb it. Depending how large their run is, you can cover it with shade cloth too.

    Just throwing ideas out there in case they help.

  2. Oh, how sad. I can’t imagine just how much that would hurt.

    I honestly thought I had lost one of mine yesterday.. the two were contained but out of their fully contained coop when a few hours later I noticed that one of them was using an unusual call and went down to check on them and one was missing. Thankfully the errant sister turned up about 3pm this afternoon and not happy about being locked out of the main yard. Now everyone is as secure as possible but of course when I get back I will have to do much day yard fortifications.

    Kind Regards

  3. Im so sorry Emily, it must be a very cunning fox indeed. You will have to build something that is enclosed on all sides and underneath for the next lot. If there is one there may well be others lurking about.

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