Down but not Out

I am here, just.  Sorry about the lack of posting but I have been sick with gastro since Thursday, but am getting better now, thank goodness. 

On the chook front, no news yet of the gender of our visitor.  But it seems to be very happy and content visiting with our girls.  I lost another chook Saturday night.  This time it squeezed in a hole in the wire – I swear I checked the coop over twice and couldn’t see any visible holes! 

The second red hen is gone.   So 2 and the visitor left, thank goodness the only layer is still with us.   I spent yesterday morning reinforcing all the corners of the coop and the around the gate.  I have borrowed a cage trap, so I will set it out and hope I catch it.  (It, I am super sure is a fox…)  If I don’t try to catch it, it will keep picking off the girls until there is none.  *Sigh*  I will let you know how it turns out….

Oh and that wet stuff is coming…   See it here  Apparently a bloomin’ lot of it!  I hope you all will be getting some too!


One thought on “Down but not Out

  1. You poor thing – hope you’re feeling much better soon. I didn’t realise you had a fox taking your girls…that’s awful and hope you catch it. Great news on the rain front – it’s depressing knocking on your tank and hearing that empty noise all the way down.

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