Strange Day at the coop

Visiting chookSomeone has come to visit our coop today.  A rather quiet and starving chook.  Where the heck it came from I have no idea – it was just in the pen this morning!  The other girls aren’t bothered by it, and it seems to be quite at home in the coop? 


A few ideas have been thrown around that maybe a neighbours dog visited the other night, and this is a anonymous apology.  Maybe it escaped from a neighbours yard or one of the many trucks of chooks that drive past daily? 

Visiting chook 2

Where ever it came from it can stay for now.  Unless it crows or someone comes looking for it.  There is some suspicious looking saddle feathers back there and some pointy things that could be spurs growing too.  I think it is only a pullet age, but it looks like it has scaley leg so I am off to treat it with some ivermec and vaseline.

Any ideas for breed or sex?  visiting chook standingVisiting chook sitting


6 thoughts on “Strange Day at the coop

  1. Hi Emily, no idea what or who it is but it is an attractive looking chook. If it’s a rooster then maybe its been abandoned.

  2. Definitely an interesting turn of events. With white Earlobes, I’m guessing it’s a cross of sorts with a Mediterrainien breed. Anacona for example. There is such a thing as a red Anacona (don’t know much about them) but the heavy breast of this bird looks to be from a cross. The Mediterrainien birds are more streamline.

    I’m with you on the saddle feathers leaning more towards a rooster than a pullet too.

    If there was a fox hitting your area though, chances are this could be an escapee from someone else’s coop. You often hear of birds returning home to a distraught owner, after a fox attack. They think they’ve all been taken, but in fact some do manage to escape and show up later.

    If you know of anyone else keeping chickens in the area, ask if they were hit by a fox/predator recently. Either way though, you’re doing a good thing by taking him in and administering proper health maintenance. That kind of karma can only come back to you. 🙂

  3. I don’t know what it is either but I would guess it is a crossbreed. Very good looking though, are you allowed to keep roosters where you are?

    Have you worked out a way to keep the predators out yet? I have wire on the bottom of my coops but it does make cleaning them out much harder work.

    BTW I used all your advice, and moon planting, and now have 4 rows of great looking parsnips – thanks Emily x Deb

  4. Very weird! One of our chooks turned up in similar circimstances. We called her Wanda cause she just “wandered in”. The weird thing is she looks very similar to your Wanda. You can see her here second row on the left:

    She does fly really well if i don’t clip her wing – so perhaps they are a really mobile breed. Our Wanda lays lovely blue eggs.

    I hope yours is a she.


  5. What Tricia said about the blue eggs was interesting because I did wonder if your Wanda had a bit of aracauna in him/her. Any clues as to gender yet?

  6. hmm…it looks like a young roo to me with those back feathers. I only say that ’cause we’ve had a run of bad luck with young chickens – 8 out of 14 turned out to be roosters and we’ve had to find homes for them all. I reckon it might have been abandoned – poor thing. It’d be great if you could keep it but if not maybe someone near you can? He’s a fine looking young lad – I’d love to have a rooster but sadly we live in a too suburban part of the mountains for that.

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