Quiet time

The garden has been quiet all week, I have done nothing but water the seedlings and walk around the gardens squashing any bad bugs while enjoying the cool nip in the air.  Things are growing rather quickly.  Hopefully soon I will be feasting on homegrown broccoli!  – It was $5.99/kg at the grocers this week, I’m so glad we will be eating our own in a few weeks! –

A quiet garden

While the plants are doing their thing, I am cleaning, sorting and dusting.  With such a tiny home, sometimes the storage areas become overwhelmed with ‘stuff.’   So with the change over to winter wears, it is now the time to sort, donate and repair last seasons clothes.  At the same time the cupboards are being aired, dusted and wiped down with a lavendar oil scented cloth.

Broodie hen

Also does anyone have any tips on how to get this girl off the nest?  It has been weeks now and she shows no sign of moving.  I have tried the bucket of cold water, but it has not worked.  The others are moulting so out of 5 girls we get 1 egg every 2nd day.  I could block off the nesting boxes, will that work?



3 thoughts on “Quiet time

  1. I’m with you Emily. I can’t grow my broccoli quick enough. It tastes so much better when picked fresh from the garden.

  2. You are certainly right.. home grown is better quality even if it wasn’t cheaper.

    In regard to the chicken blocking off the nest boxes may work if that is the only dark corner that she can appropriate and make homey. For the really stubborn sitters I have heard that a hung bird cage out in full daylight, as long as the weather isn’t likely to get too hot, for a couple of weeks will almost certainly move her perspective along. The main things that you are looking for is to drop her body temperature and not give her any where dark and cozy to “nest” and get comfortable.

    Kind Regards

  3. Yep, belinda’s right. Anything which can create airflow around the chooks body, will stop most from brooding tendencies. Some chooks are stubborn though, and won’t get off the nest no matter what you try.

    I’ve found it easier to provide more than one nest in the end. The one broody I had, would chase the others off the nesting shelf. By dividing it into separate compartments however, it meant she couldn’t stop the others from laying. Although in the end, they always did stop laying.

    Broody sympathy pains or something! Mine have all gone on strike at the moment, but it’s the time of year for it I think.

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