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With the onset of the cooler months I have switched from growing the warmer season produce, to the cooler ones of onions, garlic, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli.  Mentioning broccoli I have had awful luck with germinating the seeds this year. I must have a poor batch of seeds. I am on my third tray of seedlings and I have about a 20% success rate. Out of desperation I brought seedlings today! I have some new seeds on order so hopefully I will have better luck with them! 

My beautiful crop of beans that I expected to produce until the frost hit, have succumbed to rust. It started as little rusty orange circles on the backs of the leaves and finally started to infect the pods. I should have treated it before it became so out of control, I do know better. *Sigh* Another lesson learned. I will be sure to plant rust resistant varieties next year.

Bean rust

Dwarf beans with rust spores on the leaves.

Bed 5

The refreshed bed after the beans were removed.

Bed 1

 The Roma tomatoes are still cropping beautifully – not a huge glut, but just enough for me to have one everyday. The capsicums are just about finished too, I harvested almost 1.5kg yesterday, they will be frozen for later use. I am debating what to do with lovely huge eggplant. It has grown so well should I try to put it in a pot and protect it from the frosts or just start afresh next spring? Any advice would be much appreciated…

Bed 2

There is still afew volunteer potatoes growing, I will let them go until the frosts knock them back. Fingers crossed there will be a few good ones to harvest.

Bed 3

The cucumbers I planted out way back here are growing so well! I must remember next year to plant out some seeds later in the summer. They seem to be enjoying the cooler weather. I am going to put a sheet over them during the frosts, just to see how long I can keep them going for….  Also in this bed is garlic, onions and carrots.

Bed 4

And finally the peas are growing merrily, I will pop the next lot in shortly so hopefully there will be a good supply for them soon.  I am growing them on the tomato towers.  Multi-purpose!  I love it. 

On the harvesting front, we would be starving if we depended on the garden soley for food at the moment.  Learning things such as successive planting and just how far I can push plants in our climate are important.  But these things will come with time and experience. 

How are your gardens going?


3 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. Hi Emily,
    the fence looks great, have you decided what to plant yet?

    I had to buy broccoli seedlings too and I’ve read a few other blogs where this was also mentioned – wonder what the problem is. I found the same thing with the cucumbers too, my one and only surviving plant only started to crop once it got cooler, I always thought it was a hot weather crop. It has mildew and aphids now but also lots of ladybirds so hopefully it will last a bit longer.

  2. We had rust on our beans too. We’re trying Cherokee Wax bush bean (Green Harvest) as a rust resistance variety next. Few others around.

  3. We had forgotten about the cucumbers when one finally came up at the end of summer – will def. plant more next year, and later. We’ve had a lot of trouble with broc – we’ve only been able to plant out a handful of seedlings.

    PS I love the gate between neighbouring properties for the kids – we used to clamor over fences and I fell off once and broke my arm! We nearly had our neighbour convinced about doing it so the chooks could graze in his yard in exchange for eggs…somehow it didn’t happen in the end. Oh well, it was a nice thought!

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