New fence line

Finishing the fence

The fence is officially finished.  The last panel was fitted in tonight.  As you can tell by the last photo a big chunk of privot had to be cut out to fit it in.  A gate has also been installed for the children as they love playing with the neighbours 5 children.  The latch is up high so only the adults can let them through.  Several times this week we have lost our children.  Conversations have gone “I have 2 of yours, have you got mine?” 

Yes I only have 2 children in bed tonight.  I think they are mine….


4 thoughts on “Boundries

  1. I like the colour colorbond you’ve chosen. Green is very forgiving in a garden backdrop. Now you have all that space available too. So much nicer than that out of control creeper. Don’t get me wrong, I love creepers, but the vigorous growers can be hard to tame.

    I think it’s great your kids have friends to play with next door. You don’t see many gates between houses nowadays. Nice to see it’s still happening in some backyards though. 🙂

  2. Thanks Chris. I still find myself trying to peer over the fence to see the neighbours – but I can’t see them anymore now. The gate is great, the kids can just come and go as they please and it keeps the younger 2 off the road. The creeper was over 1m wide so we have gained alot of space. I hope to have the gardens built soon so it will be interesting to see what will grow there now that theres no competition for moisture.
    Your place is looking pretty good too…. I have serious envy for all your coops and chickens!

  3. Aw shucks, thanks, but the boys woke us at 3am this morning, crowing their little lungs out. I love having chooks but I also love my sleep. 😉

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