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Free chairs from brisbane

On our recent trip to Brisbane, while lost in a  suburb somewhere in Brisbane looking for the Sara Lee factory outlet, we stumbled across a pile of furniture on the footpath along with a big sign that said ‘FREE! – please take what you would like.’ 

Now I am not one to go past without at least looking – we have been lucky once or twice.  Amongst the jumble of lamp shades, lounges and bric-a-brac,  I found 3 of these lovely wooden chairs. 

They will be re-purposed into outdoor chairs for the back veranda.  Now I just need a fabulous table to go with it…


7 thoughts on “Love free stuff

  1. Score!!! What a great find and THREE chairs at that! It should make a great outdoor setting with a lick of paint to protect the wood. Sounds like you had a very prodcutive trip to Brisbane. Now – did you manage to find the Sara-Lee factory outlet…and what delicious edibles did you buy? 😉

  2. Hi Chris, Yes it was a very productive trip 😉
    Yes we finally found SaraLee, we ended up lost on the road running parallel to it and passed the chairs, so luckily we were lost. Such a treat to go to Sara Lee – Cheesecakes were only $2.50 – yum, and 2.4kg lasagnes for just $11 each!
    So worth the 10min trip out of the city for… 🙂

  3. Thanks Littlem for the link! Wow such beautiful ‘new’ furniture. I am bookmarking just a few for reference later when we start our inside renos…

  4. What a find! Lovely chairs. Its so much more rewarding finding something rather than buying new. I have a number of timber chairs found on roadsides.


  5. Tricia – repurposed furniture is much more fulling than buying new. I saw a guy yesterday lugging giant pieces of sandstone of the side of a traffic island yesterday. It obviously fell of a truck as it went around the corner. I was rather envious of his find….

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