No babies here

Broodie hen


One of the girls thinks she is going to hatch some babies….  I have explained to her that she has not met the appropriate counterpart to make these babies.  However she seems to think otherwise.

Its been a week now, I will give her a few more days and have to take action.  Meanwhile the other girls are moulting.  For (their) privacy reasons I won’t post any pictures of their slight nakedness.  But golly gosh there is feathers everywhere!


5 thoughts on “No babies here

  1. It’s a bit sad isn’t it, have you thought of getting some fertilised eggs for her to hatch? I wish I had done that instead of getting those two new chooks who absolutely refuse to lay. Two months now and only 2 eggs! I wouldn’t mind but I don’t really have space for any more.

  2. I would love to get some babies for her, but we too do not have the room.
    I hope your girls get into the swing of things soon Deb, maybe the onset of the cooler weather has sent them off the lay momentarily?

  3. To be honest Emily I think they’re just a bit odd, our first two chooks are really nice pets in a dippy get under your feet kind of way but the new ones – Ginger and the nameless one – seem to be terrified of us and they are the most phenomenal Houdinis. I have clipped and clipped and clipped their wings but they still hop straight over the fence. If I wasnt such a sook I would turn them into a curry!

  4. Poor little thing. I hope you are taking advantage of her dozy state to have lots of cuddles 🙂 I was interested to read that your girls like silverbeet – we can’t get ours to eat it…?! Which is a shame ’cause there is plenty of it for them to peck on. Fussy things.

  5. Jacqui, chooks are very fussy aren’t they! Ours won’t eat snails! I proudly produced a bucket of them (from my Nana’s garden – we don’t have them due to a blue tongue lizard) I tipped the snails in to their dish and they just looked at them like, ‘What the heck do we do with these?’ But strange they don’t like silverbeet, my plants get stripped to the stems!
    Deb – I often threaten our girls with the pot, I think they know I am a vegetarian…

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