The making of a fence – days 2, 3 & final

5 trailer loads of hedge cuttings
13 panels of Stratco friendly neighbour fencing
26mm of rain
2 inches of mud
2 men and 7 children
1 dingo digger

= The New Fence!

  The fence!

(the last panel and a half is waiting for the privet hedge to be hacked back)

The fence and no gardens!

My next job will be to rebuild the gardens that were previous here.  Luckily the mulberry, pomegranate, peacharine and apple trees were saved from the dingo digger.  We all know what happened the last time my husband used a dingo digger…

I am excited by the possibilities of what can be planted here more vegetables, cottage garden plants, espalier fruit trees.  Oh the list is endless.  Any major plantings will have to wait until spring just in case the hedge tries to grow back *yikes better not*  but I have a 20L drum of roundup just waiting for it to try!

I have fixed the broken links, Thanks Clare for pointing them out.  I usually check them – obviously not this time…


2 thoughts on “The making of a fence – days 2, 3 & final

  1. Fantastic Emily, you could have a whole orchard along there. The possibilities are endless.

    I am looking sideways at the 1950’s granny garden I have in the front and wonder if it could go the way of your hedge. A feijoa hedge might be better there.
    x Deb

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