The making of a fence – day 1

Digging out the hedge

 DAY 1, Saturday:  With a dingo digger hired for 24 hours it was all action stations to get the job done.  After cutting the hedge down as far as possible with a brush cutter it was declared the rest would have to be dug out.  It was rather surprising to see the dingo having trouble ripping out the roots, until we saw what was hiding under ground. 
The hedge roots



Tubers as big as cricket balls came out and a good many more that were bigger.  In total now there has been 2 trailer loads of roots to the dump. 

Digging out the old fence posts

The old fence posts (we had no idea they were in there) were pulled out along with another 8 star pickets. 

Just after lunch time it started to drizzle (2mm in total) so the whole area is now a thick slippery mess of mud.  But the post holes have been dug so tomorrow will be spent tidying up and possibly putting in the posts.


2 thoughts on “The making of a fence – day 1

  1. Isn’t it amazing what lies under the soil sometimes…

    Love all your handiwork! Can’t wait to see the new fence in place. Are you going with tradition wooden palings?

  2. Chris, no not timber. It was cheaper and quicker (plus termites won’t eat it) to use a stratco corrugated fence. Next spring there will be mass plantings on both sides of the fence. All edible types, it seems the neighbours are liking my gardens and are now putting in their own too… Its Petes Backyard Revolution!

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