Fence line - mud slickAfter weeks of no rain, it is now raining.  All outside work has halted.

Rain + Dirt = slippery mud

(Thats why I am inside blogging… 🙂 )



7 thoughts on “ALL WORK STOPPED

  1. The worst of it is it’s not adding up to much, just stopping us getting a lot of good work done. Hopefully it’ll get heaver overnight.

  2. I love your flat mud E. I wish mine would stay flat! I guess it does once it comes down the hill. 😉

    The weather forcast ain’t looking too good for the week ahead either. It’s either overcast or showers. Seems like the sun has decided to go on a mini break too! 🙂

    Glad you’re keeping us up-dated…I need a distraction while I’m spending copious amounts of time inside.

  3. Chris – We too are spending way too much time inside, hence the blogging. Its just enough rain to keep it too muddy out there to do anything, but my how the gardens are growing! Fingers crossed Saturday we can cement the posts in….

  4. Hey Nicole – erm mini break…. well it rained and rained and we are all stuck inside and if I watch Alvin and the chipmucks one more time I think I will scream….
    No more updates for a week now, not that I won’t be online, I still need my daily internet fix of what everyone else is doing… 😉

  5. Stewart – Wasn’t the rain lovely last night, it just rained and rained for ages… I will pop over to your blog to see how much we have had in your shiny new rain guage 🙂

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