The Best News Ever!

Cats Claw Covered Fence

It looks like over Easter the Cats Claw Creeper hedge, that is taking over our and our neighbours yard, will be pulled out and replaced with a fence! 

If you are wondering why I am so excited by this news click here to see the weed report.  I will finally be able to grow plants down this side of the yard!


One thought on “The Best News Ever!

  1. That’s going to be a big job but oh so good to have it gone. It looks like our back fence did six months ago – it will be great to have a whole new garden bed to play with.

    Here are some thoughts on what to plant in your chook fodder area. We have planted comfrey (which is also good green manure for your compost and the girls LOVE it), mustard (great for soil conditioning too), borage, and lucerne (another soil conditioner and good compost plant). Rue, wormwood, pyrethrin and tansy are all good herbs to keep insects away (like mites) and can be used for natural chook remedies. Our girls often just sit under the tansy and rub up against it. There are more suggestions in Alanna Moore’s Backyard Poultry: Naturally book which has a few hand drawn plans for plantings to include in and around a chook yard. Pigeon Pea is one of her suggestions but we just can’t get the wild birds off it for it to grow so haven’t gotten far with that but we’ll try again and another one called Stinking Roger (whatever that is!!). We got some plants from Diggers and a lot of the hard to find herbs from House of Herbs and Roses, 745 Old Northern Road, Dural.

    Happy Easter!

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