Building again

Chook Food Bed just built

The latest garden bed to be built is the Chook Food Garden.  It is a simple construction of boards and another smaller piece of timber on the inside that the boards are screwed to.  It is a rather deep garden that will take a fair bit of soil to fill.  Luckily I still have another pile of dirt left from digging the Big Hole

Once this bed is completed I will be landscaping around this area, laying a path and leveling the area behind the fence.  The plants that will be planted around this garden need to be kid and chook prooffriendly and drought tolerant.  During the summer months the luffas plants will be grown on the fence and left to die off during winter. 

I’d love to hear any of your suggestions for this area, it is rather shady in some places but very dry as it is under the Oak Tree canopy.  The area is only 1m wide.

Ideas so far:  Lemon Grass, Mondo Grass or Lirope, Lavendar,


2 thoughts on “Building again

  1. Your chooks are very spoilt getting their own “chook food garden”. very sweet.

    Re the dry shady area that needs to be chook and kid friendly: I have been surprised by how hardy Lemon Grass is. Lavender would be nice also – would be a lovely smelling area! especially when the kids were playing in there 😉


  2. Yes, I’m told lemon grass is a chook favourite, and I’m about to get a free one from my mum to try out. Will let you know how it goes.

    I suspect the mondo grass will be pecked by the chickens, as this was a favourite hobby of my chooks! I’m not sure if they were eating it because they liked it or just found something to destroy, but they were never allowed around it long enough for me to find out. 😉

    Look at planting pidgeon peas next spring. Mine have grown several metres since spring and planted together they make nice dappled shade. I’m told you can use the prunings in your compost because it has a high nitrogen content and the chickens love the peas. I’ve yet to try it all out myself, but the growth on the trees has been fairly rapid.

    Do you have any rue? I’m told this is a good medicinal herb for chooks. I’m growing one at the moment but it’s taken ages to get nearly 10cms high. I don’t know if they’ll like eating it or not, but it’s meant to deter worms, fleas, mites and ants.

    A good variety of plants to look at growing would be those suited to medateranian conditions – that way you can use pebbles/rocks as a mulch. The chickens won’t be able to scratch around the base to expose the roots. Olives would be good, figs or even a nut tree. You’d need to protect them until they got established, or they chooks could strip them bear.

    If I think of any more ideas I’ll let you know.

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