Termites 2

Just when I thought they were gone, termites have been found again, this time in the house.  It appears not to much damage has been done, but enough that a free standing wall will need to be replaced.  Yep its the toilet/ laundry internal wall….   I honestly never thought I’d be posting a picture of my toilet on here!

Termite eaten wall

The wall has been treated and taped up to stop the buggers escaping.  Next week it will be checked for live ones and fingers crossed given the all clear!  Luckily not too much has been eaten so it should be fairly easy to replace.


2 thoughts on “Termites 2

  1. Gosh, how scary is that!?!? Glad you thought to check under the house when you did, and found the damage early. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you as well.

    Oh yeah, and the loo – you have one of those???

    Ha – me too!! 😉

    Now you’ve got me thinking how I can incorporate a photo of one in my blog. Maybe an extreme makeover with additional chicken coop!!

  2. Chris you make me laugh! Do you really have a loo too? 😉

    Hopefully the termites are all dying as I type, I just have to keep the kids from peeling off the tape for a whole week, that will be the biggest challenge!

    Can’t wait to see your loo….

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