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This last weekend it was planned that the new cho0k food garden would be built.  Instead when it came time to find the wood for the sides in the timber pile , Termites were found. 

Last year we were given a pile of old fence palings that I was planning on recycling into palings for under the house, you know the bits between the stumps.  The timber was stacked up against some other hardwood timber we had stored here.  A few of the new palings must have been pine and the termites quickly moved in. (Luckily they ignored the hardwood!)  ~ Below an idea of what it used to look like… ~



Thank goodness we have chooks that seem to find Termites are delicacies!  They quickly cleaned up any visible bugs and spent the remainder of the morning happily scratching away looking for more.  The timber has now been sorted and cleaned up so fingers crossed the termites are all gone.  Any obvious pine pieces are gone now too. 

So next weekend it is planned that all the ‘timber’ we have stored under the house will be removed and checked to for termites.  The house is sprayed every year for termites but it is months before the exterminator come again and by them our house might be eaten away.  Better safe than homeless….


3 thoughts on “Termites

  1. We have alot of termites here in the southern part of the U.S. Usually, this time of the year, you can see them swarming (forming new “hives”). A couple of weeks ago, I saw a swarm on our back property. It was almost like it was snowing termites! We have 2 types of termites around here — the ones that live in the ground and the ones that can fly around. I didn’t know that chickens like termites! My chicks are 5 1/2 weeks old now and will be going into their coop today. I am so excited!

  2. Our neighbours have just discovered their roof is full of termites (= need to take roof off) and I’m paranoid now… the pest inspection guy is coming next week to check our house just to be sure. They can work so fast hey. Lovely that the chooks like them tho!

  3. Em, a great idea to get your house checked out too…. I have just found them in our house, we hadn’t noticed any signs of them until one of the boys knocked something on one of the walls and the paint and half the board came away! I think they must have a nest under the laundry slab. Previously they have only ever been outside, but we have always had the house checked and sprayed. I am guessing the earthworks disturbed them, so now I have to get the house resprayed again 😦

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