Farewell old friend

Old friend how well you have grown.  Giving up many kilos of fruit to feast upon.  You will be fondly missed!

wilted zuchinnigiant zuchinnizuchinni-monsterzuchinni monster!Dead zuchinni

zuchinni monster final

Until next season farewell….


5 thoughts on “Farewell old friend

  1. I can’t wait to get my yellow squash plants started (waiting on the cabbage to finish up LOL). We love yellow squash around here — I hope that my plants produce as well as yours did!

  2. How cool are the monster avatars. I had worms coming out of my head on my last comment.

    Isn’t it ironic though, just as yours comes to an end, my zucchini plant is giving forth it’s first (and probably last) fruit. I’d all but given up on it when the pumpkin vines strangled it, but now they’ve died back I’m getting my first zucchini.

    I don’t think it could ever match your champ producing plant though. Those seeds are definitely worth saving.

  3. Tricia – yep I have a few seeds I managed to save from the plant. I hope it grows as well as this one.

    Judy – good luck with your squashes, I must remember to put them in next year they are such sweet little vegetables

    Chris – I acccidently found the avatars, so much more exciting than ‘man shape’ ones. I have cucumbers in as my last few plants died in the heat. They have just started to flower and I think there is one fruit on it so far. You will be suprised how quickly zuchinis produce once they get going. Maybe a reflective ‘something’ near it will help keep the plant warm when the weather cools down? (well until the frosts strike…)

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